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To receive DIRECTV broadcast signals, your DIRECTV dish must be positioned correctly. It's fairly simple to do this yourself if you have the standard DIRECTV System, which features an 18-inch round dish. Just follow the instructions below.

Self-installation guide(.pdf format).

If you've purchased a DIRECTV PLUSTM System or DIRECTV PARA TODOSTM System, we highly recommend that you have it professionally installed. Both of these systems feature an 18x24-inch oval dish, which allows reception from all three DIRECTV orbital locations* -- 101, 110 and 119 degrees West Longitude (WL). To receive signals from all of these locations, your DIRECTV PLUSTM System or DIRECTV PARA TODOSTM System dish must be aligned by tilt as well as elevation and azimuth. This technical requirement makes the installation more complex.

*Some additional equipment may be required in certain areas.

If you need help setting up your Dish Network Satellite System go HERE.

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